The Tamturbo compressor revolution is in full swing!




Two years ago at ComVac, the compressor world was already undergoing a revolution due to the introduction of our fully oil-free direct drive turbo technology. Since then, things have developed at a fast pace: our product range has grown extensively, and our oil-free compressors are now available in multiple size categories.
Thanks to our simple and compact technology, all of the models on offer are highly reliable, maintenance-free and energy efficient. The lifetime cost of our models is extremely low, and their technology takes efficiency to a completely new level.
In April, we will pack up once again and head to Hannover for the ComVac Trade Fair. Our full product range will be on show – come visit us and prepare to be surprised! The market has not failed to take note of our compressors, and overall they have been welcomed with great enthusiasm. In fact, the feedback we have been receiving from customers and partners has been simply great.
Tamturbo TT60 and TT185 customer reference compressors at the paperboard mill and food processing plant in Finland

Paperboard mill Savon Sellu convinced

“The key things we look for in a compressor are reliability, energy efficiency and that it doesn’t require extensive maintenance. We’ve now been using Tamturbo’s 60 kW compressor for a year, and I can say that it is very energy-efficient. So far it has not required any maintenance procedures, and apart from a filter change, I don’t foresee any being necessary either. The fact that the unit is completely oil-free offers significant on-site advantages and also suits our long-term sustainability goals perfectly.”


Tapio Laukkanen, Technology Manager
Savon Sellu Ltd.


ComVac 2017
Come visit our stand at the ComVac Trade Fair in Hannover, Germany, where you can view all of our new products, meet our enhanced team and catch up with all of our latest news! Invitations to the ComVac Trade Fair will be sent during the next few weeks.

Tamturbo’s successful share issue bringing jobs and stimulating international growth


In its share issue at the end of last year, Tamturbo Oy, a pioneer of oil-free turbo compressor technology, accumulated almost €5 million. Its largest investors include successful Finnish companies KWH Group and AVS Group.   Established in 2010, in just a few years Tamturbo has risen to become a significant player in the sector […]

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Tamturbo Oy is bolstering its ranks with Olli Kuismanen, stepping in under the title Director, Partners. The new hire supports the company’s growth strategy and global goals.     Kuismanen (M.Sc.Eng.) will be responsible for both new and current partnerships. Tamturbo’s goal is to scale up its business operations to a global level by selling […]

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Oil-free and energy-efficient compressed air conquers industry


“During the life cycle, as compared to traditional oil-free screw compressors, our technology will save 20-30 per cent of the electricity and maintenance costs. In most cases, the cost of our comprehensive leasing service is equal to the savings achieved.  is means that the customer is not required to make an investment, and the capital […]

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Season’s greetings


With the coming holiday season, the year is coming to an end. For Tamturbo, 2015 has been an exciting year in leading the way in the oil-free turbo compressor revolution. ComVac 2015 in Hannover, where we introduced our first compressor packages based on our direct drive high-speed turbo technology, sets a remarkable milestone in the […]

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Mr. Antti Kaura Appointed As an Engineering Manager of Tamturbo


Mr. Antti Kaura (M.Sc. Machinery Engineering), has been appointed as an Engineering Manager of Tamturbo. Antti assumes the responsibility of leading Tamturbo’s product development. He has a wide experience in many field of high technologies, and strong background in management of new product development projects, latest in Valmet Power.   Tamturbo team welcomes Antti to […]

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Mr. Kimmo Pyykönen appointed as a Sales Director of Tamturbo


As a result of successful product launches and global demand of Tamturbo’s oil-free turbo compressors, Tamturbo is strengthening its sales organization. To head this, Mr. Kimmo Pyykönen has been appointed as Sales Director of Tamturbo Oy.

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ComVac 2015 – the oil-free revolution continues


  Just two years ago, at ComVac 2013, Tamturbo sent shockwaves throughout the world with the introduction of our oil-free turbo compressor technology. We felt we are onto something big – and we were right.   Again, this year’s ComVac fair in Hannover saw us present something new. “We had two new compressor units, for […]

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Meet Tamturbo at ComVac 13.-17.4.2015


THE REVOLUTION GAINS SPEED AT COMVAC This year, Tamturbo is once again leading the way in the oil-free turbo compressor revolution. At ComVac, Tamturbo will present the two first models of our line of compact direct-drive turbo compressors. Now, we can offer a comprehensive solution for clean, economical and environmentally friendly oil-free compressed air. It’ll […]

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Tamturbo provides the oil-free future


Oil-free air is a growing, global trend in different industries. Direct driven high-speed turbo compressors are replacing the complicated, wear-prone dry screw compressors in more and more industrial applications. Finnish Tamturbo is on the cutting edge of the transition.

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Tamturbo to launch a new line of industrial oil-free air compressor units


  In 2013, Tamturbo turned heads with the introduction of their new oil-free air turbo compressor technology. Their gearless high-speed turbo compressors offer lower energy consumption and maintenance costs as well as clean, oil-free air. Now Tamturbo presents the first in their new line of complete compressor units in Energia 2014 trade fair, which will […]

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