Direct drive oil-free air turbo compressors

Beauty in simplicity


We stripped away all but the essential. The result is a revolution in technology: gearless, oil-free, efficient and durable turbo compressor.


Our gearless turbo compressors with innovative capacity control blow away the existing comparable technologies.


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Tamturbo news

  • The Tamturbo compressor revolution is in full swing!  Two years ago at ComVac, the compressor world was already undergoing a revolution due to the introduction of our fully oil-free direct drive turbo technology. Since then, things have developed at a fast pace: our product range has grown extensively, and our oil-free compressors are now available in multiple size categories.    Thanks to […]
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  • Tamturbo’s successful share issue bringing jobs and stimulating international growthIn its share issue at the end of last year, Tamturbo Oy, a pioneer of oil-free turbo compressor technology, accumulated almost €5 million. Its largest investors include successful Finnish companies KWH Group and AVS Group.   Established in 2010, in just a few years Tamturbo has risen to become a significant player in the sector […]
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  • OLLI KUISMANEN APPOINTED AS THE DIRECTOR RESPONSIBLE FOR PARTNERSHIPSTamturbo Oy is bolstering its ranks with Olli Kuismanen, stepping in under the title Director, Partners. The new hire supports the company’s growth strategy and global goals.     Kuismanen (M.Sc.Eng.) will be responsible for both new and current partnerships. Tamturbo’s goal is to scale up its business operations to a global level by selling […]
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