Henrietta Hako-Rita, Manager, Process and System Development

Introducing new Tamturbo Team member: Henrietta Hako-Rita, Manager, Process and System Development. Hako-Rita has an extensive experience with process and system development as well with training activities. In her former position at Konecranes Oyj, she has been responsible for system and process development for spare part documentation.


“We want to build Tamturbo’s processes and systems to support our growing global customer and sales partner network. We will offer smarter supply chain and user friendly digital services. I am pleased to have such a skilled and experienced professional as Henrietta to joining our team.” says Timo Pulkki, CEO.


Yiğittaşlar, Turkey joins Tamturbo partner network

  Tamturbo is proud to announce that we have signed a distribution agreement of Tamturbo® products for the Turkish market with Yiğittaşlar A.Ş., a company specialized in compressed air technology, energy consumption consulting, air audits and filtration consumables. The cooperation started in June 2017 with the first round of technical training and business planning and […]

Tamturbo company as one of the most inspiring examples of the circular economy

  The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has announced Tamturbo company as one of the most inspiring examples of the circular economy. Sitra believes that circular economy is opportunity to Finnish companies and they encourage companies to switch to sustainable business and so do we at Tamturbo.   Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ technology compressors save energy and are environmental friendly. […]

HKScan and Tamturbo – Sustainable food production in cooperation

    Consumer consciousness and expectations of clean production and small carbon footprint are changing the food industry’s structure and production processes worldwide. Consumer-based innovations, cost-efficiency and sustainability are key factors in the operations of HKScan, a leading food manufacturer in Scandinavia.   For over a century HKScan has been the home of premium food […]

Powerflute prefers Tamturbo for oxygen production

      Powerflute, based in Kuopio, Finland, manufactures approximately 285,000 tonnes of high quality Nordic Semi-Chemical Fluting. Customers use their products in fruits and vegetables corrugate boxes, and in heavy duty corrugate boxes in multiple international markets. In continuous manufacturing process, like pulp and paper manufacturing, high level accuracy demands high level of reliability […]

Waiter, is that lubricant oil in my soup? Oil-free please!

  Clean, oil-free compressed air is important in many industries but nowhere it is as critical as in food and beverage processing. Air is used from powering pneumatic cylinders and actuators, moving food materials, processing the ingredients to pneumatic sorting of produce.   For years, companies have had to rely on 60 to 100+ year […]

Jorma Pyykkö joins Tamturbo as the Director, Operations

Jorma Pyykkö (BSc.) is joining the turbo team as the Director, Operations starting from 1st November 2017. He’s responsibility area will be Tamturbo’s order to delivery supply chain, manufacturing and procurement.     Tamturbo’s goal is to scale up its business operations to a global level by selling full compressor packages as private label products […]

Juho Vartiainen appointed as Sales Manager, Finland

  As Tamturbo’s business is growing Juho Vartiainen has been appointed as Sales Manager, Finland. He has ten years of experience in working with customer service and sales in different industries. Before coming to Tamturbo he worked as Sales Manager for JTA Connection. He was responsible for service and solutions sales and assembly service sales. […]

Lots of success and wonderful conversations at ComVac 2017

  Once again, ComVac 2017 gathered together remarkable a mix of end users, distributors, manufacturers and experts in Hannover. Tamturbo’s 100 % oil-less turbo compressors drew a lot of attention among the large amount of visitors. Oil-free technology, energy efficiency, clearly the lowest lifecycle costs and wide usage range were the hot topics during the […]