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Simple. Durable. Efficient.

Simple. Durable. Efficient.

Oil-free air turbo compressor with patented capacity control for 50 to 250 kW power range.

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Uncomplicated OEM package

Uncomplicated OEM package

Tamturbo is your simple access to oil-free turbo compressor markets.

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Where’s the money?

Where's the money?

Smaller electricity bills are just the start. See all the benefits the Tamturbo turbo compressor technology has to offer.

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Unbeatable team of compressed air experts

Tamturbo news

  • Press Release: Tamturbo now among the Top 10 most promising cleantech companies in the NordicsTamturbo has cleared yet another stage in the Nordic Cleantech Open competition and placed in the Top 10. The new short list has been picked from the previous 25 participating companies. In total, a record-breaking 107 cleantech companies have participated in the competition.
  • Press Release: Tamturbo selected as one of the 25 most promising Nordic cleantech start-upsTamturbo is proud to rank among the top 25 companies in the Nordic Cleantech Open competition. An international jury of more than 50 influential representatives from multinational companies and venture capital made the shortlist from a record-breaking 107 cleantech companies who applied.
  • A String of SuccessesSince the launch of our high-speed turbo compressor at ComVac 2013 in Hannover, Germany last year, Tamturbo has been picking up speed throughout the year. We know we have a breakthrough product in our hands but making it all come true has been hard work. And as a result, all the successes have been even more rewarding. We’ll now fill you in on what’s been happening.